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About The Podcast

The podcast puts the light on impact makers in business. In an informal and seriously playful way, Vesna Lucca is talking to people transforming business – entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, and other heroes from the business world, celebrities as well as hidden gems.

It is a stripped-down dialogue with people from all over the world who share their dreams, experiences and what they would never give up.

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  • " Lovely. Thank you very much Vesna.
    You ask great questions! "

    Simon Sinek

  • " This is such a gracious, thoughtful interview. "

    Seth Godin

  • " Thank you Vesna for asking such power-filled questions and I love the conversational style. "

    Eric Edmeades

  • " This is brilliant, beyond enjoyable. "

    William Kim

  • " A different line of questions, really enjoyable. "

    Rachel Botsman