The Need for Transformational Change for Growth

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Christopher Evatt
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In This Podcast

  • Personal growth, collective dysfunction, and planetary transformation
  • Consciousness, growth, and personal development
  • Bridging generations for business success
  • Businesses need a quantum understanding to thrive
  • We are all leaders

New Zealand born business philosopher and entrepreneur, Christopher Evatt, was raised with the understanding that we should leave everybody and everything better than when we found it, and we should work for the good of the whole. But the problem is, we humans have been labouring under an illusion of separation, both individually and collectively. We’re all connected, says Christopher, our society, companies, organisations, the planet; we’re all one living system. 

In this episode of Corporate Unplugged, Christopher discusses our need to evolve and grow, to raise our consciousness and understanding of our interconnectedness, both within individuals and organisations. But more importantly, we need to learn to clear our own energy system, to embrace the power of thought, intention, and beliefs to make wise choices and grow in wisdom. 

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Show Notes

Personal Growth, Collective Dysfunction, and Planetary Transformation with Christopher Evatt

Business philosopher and entrepreneur Christopher Evatt had an unusual upbringing in a conscious family. Christopher’s parents brought him up with various mottos, one of which was to leave everybody and everything better than when you found it. The other was always work for the good of the whole: the whole system or the whole company, not just for your own self-interest.

“That set me on a track to explore how business could be run. I set up different types of business models and different types of industries, but the fundamental motivation was, what can I learn that I can make better than what was before?”

Personal growth, collective dysfunction, and planetary transformation

There is a tremendous change taking place, says Christopher, and we are experiencing it at an individual level, a collective level, and also the planet itself; and this change is dysfunctional. 

“What we’re seeing, almost daily, are the dysfunctions that we have collectively created: over 80% of the people working in companies in Europe and America are emotionally disengaged with their work.”

Both employees and managers are going through the motions that are required to keep their jobs, but are not able nor willing to do much more than that because they aren’t emotionally involved. They may be physically there, mentally there, but they’re not there in spirit. 

“We are receiving on our planet an unprecedented amount of energy now, which is not necessarily only coming from the sun, but it also appears to be coming from what they call the Central Sun. I think that extra energy is activating our consciousness.”

But how does this additional energy translate into the disengagement of people? Well, says Christopher, people are looking at their careers and are asking themselves: does this job really fit me as a person? 

Consciousness, growth, and personal development

When it comes to a question of our consciousness, says Christopher, we need to consider whether we want to see more of what we’ve seen before, or we want to actually make a change.

“What we create in the world is a direct reflection of what we believe or what our attitudes are, or what our perception is.”

We have to be able to grow and evolve, to become more of what we can become and grow into our potential, says Christopher, otherwise we remain stuck as we are, living with dysfunctions that we are creating for ourselves. If we can grow beyond those dysfunctions and understand what is causing them, and learn what we can do about them, we can create a more beneficial world around us. We thrive and our businesses thrive.

Bridging generations for business success

For Christopher, bridging generations is important. What the older ones don’t realise, he believes, is that the younger ones want the flexibility of time. They want to be able to come to work and fit it in with their personal schedules. They also want flexibility of location. And many older generations don’t understand this need. But life isn’t structured in a 9-5, Monday to Friday routine. 

“I used to find that my best business ideas would occur when I was on holiday lying on a beach in, say, Fiji, when I was doing absolutely nothing. I was very productive in coming up with innovative ideas when I was at total rest, as opposed to busy working in my office.”

It’s a matter of bridging these two bodies of thinking and attitudes, says Christopher, the old and the younger ones, to come up with the ‘new’ that is needed for companies to evolve and for each of us to evolve. 

Businesses need a quantum understanding to thrive

For businesses to thrive, not just survive, they need to tap into higher levels of awareness or higher levels of consciousness. And this says Christopher, comes out of quantum physics, that all is energy, and all energy is interconnected, meaning everything affects everything else. 

“We see this clearly with the Observed Effect where an observer by merely observing can cause light to shift from behaving as a wave to behaving as a particle.”

This raising of the consciousness, this awareness of our interconnection both with the planet and one another, says Christopher, and also within ourselves to all the different aspects of our spirit, our minds, our emotions, our thoughts, and our physical being, working with that wholeness is essential for us to progress as humanity. 

For a business to survive, says Christopher, we need to realise that it’s not just a separate organisation, well legally it may be, but that’s an illusion. It’s a network of stakeholders, every one of whom can be essential for the survival and thriving of that particular organisation. It’s seeing things from a whole system’s point of view, and seeing the dynamic connections between the parts. 

We are all leaders

Whether you’re an individual in an organisation or a leader, you need to take a look at yourself and ask – why do I do what I do? Says Christopher, and how am I causing the results or the effects that are happening around me?

What the world needs most right is a shift, both individually and collectively, from this illusion of separation, says Christopher. Like companies and organisations, the planet too is just one system. And we are an integral part of the planet, and it’s a part of us. Irrespective of whatever race or gender, it makes no difference. We’re all part of one system, a living system. And the thoughts and feelings that we may have about one member or one aspect of that global community, including the earth, will affect it.

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