Leaders With The Courage To Care

“The world needs dreamers, and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do”

— Sarah Ban Beathnach

Corporate Unplugged Forum is a space for leaders to explore ideas, learn, share, and design actions for a wiser future

How can we make business a powerful force for good that truly cares about and listens to the lives it touches?

Through expanded awareness and the dance between learnings and practice, positive change emerges and spreads. Through enquiry guided by questions rather than answers, we share what we learn as we apply it. We can create a good future for all life with the courage to care and act, creating human as well as economic value.

We believe that regenerative cultures and innovation can facilitate and accelerate personal development and the evolution of consciousness.

Who We Are

We are leaders with a good hearts and sharp intellects. Connected as compassionate human beings driven to creatively explore the complexity of our era.

Turning insights and learnings into actions and innovation. We build our collective intelligence by openly sharing our diverse perspectives and expertise. We are all working on important change – using our organisations, companies, capabilities, networks, arenas and resources.

We have a deep desire to evolve, to find more ways to serve, and to deeply connect with people on the same quest.

We come from many parts of the world. We are business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, professors, philosophers, neuroscientists, creatives, and utopians. People who embrace the impossible and typically ask: How can I serve? What can I give? What more can I do to move the needle of good change?

What we want to see

  • More dreamers who do.
  • More people with the courage to care and act.
  • Success, redefined in a way that is all about how much we contribute.
  • A humane, inclusive and regenerative approach to all life.
  • A regenerative, collaborative, just, peaceful and equitable human civilization in balance with nature.
  • Cultures and organisations capable of inclusive and continuous learning in the face of complexity and constant change.
  • A co-created new narrative, inspired by ancient wisdom, organic principles and the future we want to see.
  • A reverse-engineering approach to change and development.

Our Roots & Values

Share everything. Share what you have. Share your knowledge, resources, and technology.

Respect the common good, ourselves, the earth, respect everything.

Long-term thinking
Think beyond ourselves. Make decisions for the 7 generations coming. Value and be responsible for all life. All the trees, nature, animals, people. We are all related. We need each other. It’s the circular nature of our evolution. To do anything that’s sustainable, we need to be connected at the roots by universal human core values.

The dance between learning and practice, and the dance between ancient wisdom, nature connection and innovation.

Cherish the strength of being united, being of one mind. Separation and no unity equal chaos.

Gratitude opens us up to sharing and giving.

Being silent isn’t going to change anything. Being just another noise won’t achieve anything. Being active will. We have the courage to act when we truly care.

Our Inquiries & Practices So Far

Courage to Care

It takes courage to change direction and evolve. Care ignites courage. When you care enough, you have the courage to move to action. Caring is a skill that can be learned. When people feel cared for and understood, they are naturally inspired to care for others. Kindness is powerful.


Forget about incremental change, start with what you wish to see and then work backwards step by step. Innovate new solutions. Create a new, shared narrative. Tell stories that serve as examples for others. Be a great example yourself.


Forming strong bonds to leverage our collective intelligence and amplify impact, by openly and fully sharing who we are. By growing together.

Elevated Leadership

Enhance our inner growth and leadership through ancient practices and nature. Try out ideas in the realm of the unexplored. Support your team and their growth, the rest will come. Focus on human skills, empathetic listening, emotional intelligence.

Nature Connection

Reconnecting to nature as our home, starting point and teacher. Restoring the natural balance on earth. Make the shift from a fragmented worldview to a whole systems model. Let nature guide innovation.


Platforms for growth, co-creation and alignment. Community of care and mutual support. Community is also about connection, belonging, safety, a place to grow and create, working together as part of a team.

Learning & Education

Learn from and support each other, continually growing and developing yourselves and your community. Reinvent and democratize education to fulfill everybody’s potential. Share knowledge, technology and resources and see scarcity vanish.

Business of the Future

Businesses are stewards of a just and sustainable society. Build a culture of courage, caring and sharing. With the awareness that all things are connected.

Conscious Innovation

Creatively combining tech and innovation to align with nature and elevate mankind through an iterative process. Unfolding our inner potential, also through enhanced-reality tech.

Measure What Matters

ESG metrics communicating accountability and showing results are valuable. But also measure the capacity to support all life, the health of the natural and social systems in which the companies are embedded, how much we positively touch the lives of people, how much we evolve leadership, how much we think of others first, how much we share what works, how much we contribute. Evaluate actions on their positive, life-sustaining, restorative and regenerative potential. Use the future we want to see as a goal and measure your steps towards it.