Rays of Truth

“Rays of Truth contains timeless wisdom. Its diverse and accomplished authors have learned much from their experiences in the world and from their conversations with each other over several years. The result is moving and deeply necessary.”

Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership, Harvard Business School

What do I know to be true? How do I know?

Rays of Truth is an insightful journey into the minds and hearts of 26 global change-makers who are dedicating themselves, their company culture, organisations, networks, and resources to be catalysts for change and create social impact. They are all part of the Corporate Unplugged Forum community. Each essay responds to the core question: What do I know to be true right now, and how did I come to that realisation?

The book takes you on an astounding journey through the multifaceted life lessons of its authors. Profoundly hopeful, open and inspiring. A wise companion on your own life quest. It is a testament to the power of personal reflections, woven together into collective leadership wisdom, uncovering personal gems of truth. With the courage to share, they gift inspiring insights and lessons learned, producing a ripple that radiates goodness out to the world.

Rays of Truth is available in Kindle ebook, paperback, and hardcover versions. Click below to buy direct at Amazon.com or visit the Amazon store in your country for local pricing and delivery options. 

Interwoven Truths: The Magic of Connection

This collection of short essays are personal contemplations that encapsulate and celebrate the diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences within our community of Dreamers Who Do. Our courage to share comes from the powerful experiences of alignment, togetherness, and community we have developed over the years since 2020.

Each essay shares a piece of truth that the author has arrived at through their life journey so far. We hope that our stories will be helpful to you in your own search for a life well lived.


Table of Contents:

Adam Gazzaley Cycles of Connection: From Reflex to Wisdom
Nichol Bradford The Essence of Time: Lessons on Living Fully
Jacob Notlöv There is no Other Way I Can Make Sense of it All
Bob Chapman My Journey from Management to Leadership
Jason Lippert The Power of Caring for People In Business
Eda Çarmıklı Paying it Forward
Rebecca Henderson Learning to Teach in New Ways
Charles O’Malley Unlearning as a Path to Truth
Neha Sangwan Life Lessons of the Heart
Karin Volo The Joy of Receiving in Life
Vesna Lucca You Are the One I Have Been Waiting For
Mia Bengtsson Lion Rabbit
Liubov Shlapai From Chaos to Coherence
Linda Lanzavecchia There is No Finish Line to Cross
Lisen Schultz Our Dependence on All Life
Mario Solari Reflecting on Heroes
Jayce Pei Yu Lee Love in the Twists and Turns
Laura Inserra The Essence of the Universe is Vibration
Jan Broman The Builder
Markus Lehto Chasing Utopia, Finding Home
Geetali Chhatwal Jonsson The Storyteller
Pia Rudengren The Silver Tapestry
Raya Bidshahri Cosmic Perspectives
Ma Steinsvik Stories of Wisdom
Raj Sisodia The Human Journey
Rebecka Carlsson The Speaker’s Journey


This year our annual online mini-retreat is on  June 20th from 4-6 pm CET.

Together we will explore: “What do I know to be true right now, and how did I come to that realisation?”  Meet some of our co-authors and participate in interactive breakout sessions. We warmly invite you to join us and step into your own Rays of Truth.

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