The Artistry of Living a Pure Life

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Jason Prall
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In This Podcast

  • The secrets of the longest living people
  • Why we should trust our intuition more often
  • Companies should bake more humanity into their business models
  • The power of human connection
  • We should all let go a bit more and just enjoy the ride
  • Following your passion will also fix some of your health problems

Jason Prall is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and Health Optimization Practitioner. Today Jason talks about the secrets of the longest living people in the world, why we should give more credit to our intuition, why companies should bake more humanity into their business models, the power of human connection, why we should all let go a bit more, and how following your passion will also fix some of your health problems.

Show Notes

Resolving disease vs fostering health

In many Western cultures, we tend to focus on disease. It’s a big problem because we should be focusing instead on what we can do in order to foster health.

The world’s longest living people all follow a very simple lifestyle: they are part of a good community and they have good connections with their families, they avoid excesses, don’t compete with each other, and are all working together on the most basic levels. They eat simply and they don’t rush around.

In big cities everything is a rush. Time is money. It’s not really needed, but it’s what everyone is doing.

Our intuition is a gift waiting to be used more often

We have to understand that we need to trust our intuition. We’ve been taught to suppress our intuition and to think with our heads. We’re thinking in the wrong terms, so we should give ourselves permission to recognize that when something is screaming at us very loudly, it’s in our best interest to follow it.  

In the corporate world, there is a lack of allowing employees to unleash their potential. Businesses should help their employees bring everything they have to the table. Oftentimes employees are just stuck in a box.

Companies should also focus on something bigger than just their profits. It’s what millennials are expecting from companies now. Businesses should bring humanity back into their models. So many corporations don’t have humanity baked into them.

Having the fortitude to look beyond the short-term

We need each other, we can’t exist without other people. When Jason went to these communities of people who live the healthiest, longest lives, he felt the powerful connection between the people.

His advice to leaders? We need to have the strength to look at the long-term picture. We tend to think in a short-term, results-driven way, and if we could sacrifice that for the long-term good, it would be extremely beneficial.  

His advice to himself? Let go a little bit, don’t worry so much, let things happen. Enjoy the process, because there is no endgame here, we’re all going to the same place.

We need more of each other

The cooler technology becomes, the more we want to use it. The more we use it, the more we get fatigued.

Jason would like to see more people following their passions. Happy people enjoy the things they are doing. There’s no need to follow something for the money or for prestige, it will not make us happy. When people start following their passions, it also fixes their health problems.

What does the world need the most at this time? A greater sense of connection. We need to recognize that we are all in this together. We’re too isolated, too separated. We definitely need more of each other.