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Virginia Salas Kastilio
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In This Podcast

  • Self mastery and I Trust You 
  • The importance of human connection
  • Law of attraction
  • Being a responsible influencer
  • Human connection in Silicon Valley
  • Understanding Gen Z

Virginia Salas Kastilio is a hyper connector and serial entrepreneur who was named one of Inc. Magazine’s top 26 Women to Change the World. She’s an internationally acclaimed speaker, marketer and activist and having built multiple empires, she is currently helping “reconnect” humanity and bring consciousness into the mainstream through The I Trust You Movement.

Show Notes

Self Mastery and Human Connection with Virginia Salas Kastilio

Virginia Salas Kastilio is a hyper connector and serial entrepreneur. She’s an internationally acclaimed speaker, marketer and activist and having built multiple empires, she is currently helping “reconnect” humanity and bring consciousness into the mainstream through The I Trust You Movement. 

Self mastery

Virginia believes our most important success is something she’s working on at the moment – self mastery. 

“I’ve been tuning into this idea of the mastery of self because I think that when we zoom out of the current paradigm that we’ve been conditioned into, of there being a certain ladder or box or category or area, where we should find ourselves in or even just our identity, I think that the first thing that we should identify with is just ourselves, of being an individual and being individuated.”

More specifically, how can you be the best version of yourself from day to day. How can you treat yourself more kindly, with deeper love, and stand with more integrity?

This is where her I Trust You movement fits in. It’s an education platform built around the New Age system where you take classes to become more masterful. 

“We’re trying to reshape education and knowledge… I believe in empowering children at a younger age to become self masterful and to start creating things that excite them, not things that other people tell them that they need to be doing with their lives.”

The importance of human connection

Once you’re connected with yourself through meditation or a morning walk, connecting with others is an incredible human experience.  

“Connecting to business partners and friends and co creators and just being totally delighted by the joy that comes with connection and love. And then also allowing it as an energy to come through into other spaces and to create more.”

Why human connection as her passion though? 

“I just love studying interaction and human connection and why we do what we do and how we can improve our communication to connect more deeply.”

I Trust You is a multinational venture capital conglomerate that is all about bringing trust and human connections into the centre of business. 

“When I was in New York, where, especially in big cities where people are more disconnected than ever, that’s where I had the download for I Trust You.”

Serving customers

If the important factor for humans is connection, then for businesses it has to be to build connections and they do that through customer service. 

“I think the common denominator should always be service. How are we serving the world? How are we serving our customers? How are we serving each other? If we create this Trickle Up economy, where everyone is getting hydrated, and everyone is being taken care of and everyone’s needs are being met. If all companies, economies and businesses would create that common denominator of service, I think we would be accelerated in the most amazing ways.”

The law of attraction

“I say that, if you don’t believe it, then it’s definitely not going to come to you because you’re not looking out for it. Only if you think something is possible, only if it exists in your field of reality, can you attract it. And yes, absolutely. I’m talking about the law of attraction.”

If you can’t think of abundance, or your mindset is ‘I’m never going to be abundant’, then resources are never going to be readily available to you, or if they are, it’s going to be more difficult for you to see them, based on the reality that you’re living. If you’re looking for opportunities, you’re more likely to spot them, or ways to access them. 

“If you take off that limitation and instead focus on the opposite and everything that you are capable of doing as a human being, nothing makes me or anyone else different. We’ve all been born from the same space, we’re all capable of the same things.

How to live a luxurious life

Virginia firmly believes you don’t have to have lots of money to lead an incredibly luxurious life. Just take COVID for example. People who pride themselves on living in penthouse apartments in London, who had no access to outside space during lockdown, weren’t living quite such a luxurious life as someone who could throw open their door and wander into their safe, secure garden. 

“To me, luxury is everything that should be a human right. It’s eating healthy, nourishing food that actually helps your body and that energises you and gives you everything that you need to survive and sustain yourself.”

She also believes time is an incredible luxury and we’re wasting it on devices and platforms. 

“If we’re in a toxic cycle of thoughts where we’re just thinking about scarcity and how we don’t have anything and how poor we are, and all this kind of stuff, it doesn’t matter how well resourced you are, then you’re definitely going to be in a toxic prison.”

Being a responsible influencer

“I’m a human connection facilitator. And I think that technology is obviously one of the most amazing ways that we’re able to connect now. And I think that it is such a blessing at a time that we can’t physically see each other.”

So create an online personal brand, Virginia says. Share more about yourself. Create trust with your clients, your customers. Share a story about yourself and why you do what you do. And start creating. Don’t plan it and schedule it and edit it. Just create and keep on creating. 

“I always call what I do creation and inspiration. So when you get inspired, create something and just be grateful for the inspiration in the moment.”

Advice to leaders 

Virginia’s advice to leaders is to see yourself as part of a community, not just the figure head. 

“Don’t feel so much pressure to always know what to do and allow yourself to be a humble and a heart centred leader where you can. Just say what’s coming to you in the moment and allow yourself to be vulnerable.”

By stepping into your leadership, you empower others to step into theirs and for them to step forward. 

Human connection in Silicon Valley

Virginia spent the first part of her career in Silicon Valley working for Apple and Oracle, but she feels that there is more room for ceremony spaces and human connection. 

“The things that I love doing with leaders, and that really excites me, is just creating these spaces for deeper communication and connection.”

And one way of forging more human connections is by improving online customer experience. Businesses need good, dedicated teams who are able to pick up the phone to talk to people, to give one to one consulting and better customer service than they’re doing right now. 

“Every business should be building their own community, even if it’s just for those 500 people that just really give a shit about their brand, and about what they’re doing.”

Ultimately the world needs to slow down and be grateful. There’s an element of gratitude that is key to unlocking so much joy. 

Dealing with Gen Z

So many people in the business community can’t understand Gen Z. Who are they? What do they want?

“Right now, we’re in the space of a new economy where people don’t really want to be just an employee anymore, they want to be a founding member, or they want to be someone that gets to actually lead something in a company.”

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