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Tim Gray
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In This Podcast

  • Advocating hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Applying psychology to digital marketing
  • Why having empathy is so important
  • Why it’s important for companies to formulate their value proposition properly
  • Combining pharmaceutical and alternative medicine
  • The millennial Tinder mindset

Tim Gray is a speaker, biohacker and ketogenic and paleo advocate. Today Tim talks about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, how he applies psychology to digital marketing, why having empathy is so important, why it’s important for companies to formulate their value proposition properly, the millennial Tinder mindset and why he believes that the best thing to do is to combine pharmaceutical and alternative medicine.

Show Notes

An advocate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Tim opened one of the first hyperbaric oxygen therapy centres in London. He did that because he realized that people don’t get enough oxygen and that it needs to be supplemented for optimal health.

As a result of being partially starved of oxygen, our bodies don’t heal properly. If someone smokes, things are even worse.

“When you get more oxygen into your body, it will heal as it should do. It fuels the body from the inside out.”

With the great results and growing awareness of hyperbaric treatments among specialists, more and more people are picking up on this.

Applying psychology to digital marketing

Discovering cognitive hypnotherapy was a big deal for Tim. He got into it because he wanted to understand the world around him a little bit better. It opened his mind and helped him understand different personality types.

Another thing he does is applying psychology to digital marketing. He has a marketing agency with about 30 people.

He believes that empathy plays a key role in everything we do. When you have empathy, you can understand your target audience a lot better and you are able to communicate with them in a clearer, more efficient way.

One thing that most people always forget or don’t apply to their websites is that everything is a conversation. A web page is basically two people speaking at different moments in time. You need to say the right things in the right order in order for people to understand.

Have a clear vision and strong values

What is Tim’s long term solution for businesses? People need to know where you’re going and why. Too many leaders don’t communicate their vision properly and don’t hold themselves to very strong values.

Many companies forget to define their product or service very clearly so that people know straight away what they’re about. Formulating a value proposition is one of Tim’s favourite services.

He also believes that businesses should add value to the world and that too many people are just in it for the money.

What advice would he give to leaders? If you haven’t got great health, you can’t do everything else. Health comes before everything else.

Combining pharmaceutical and alternative medicine

Tim believes that we should collaborate with each other in order to ensure the best results for patients. For instance, he recommends that people who have cancer try traditional medicine and, as a supplement, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and a ketogenic diet. Pharmaceutical and alternative medicine shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

The millennial Tinder mindset

He thinks that people are too disposable these days. There is a millennial Tinder mindset: swipe left too easily, if someone is not that great we can just delete them and move along.

He strongly believes that we should invest in each other more and have more patience with each other.

What does the world need the most right now? Unity. He hopes that people will be able to get along with each other better and respond to each other with love. We only have one chance on this planet and we have to enjoy it.

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