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Leo Alsved
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In This Podcast

  • Quitting your comfort zone
  • Changing your mindset
  • Actively designing our lives
  • We need to think more about sustainability
  • Long-term thinking can only benefit us
  • We need to step forward and lead the change

Leo Alsved has converted his passion for skiing and sailing into several successful businesses like The Ski Week, Radinn and Sail to Ski. Today Leo talks about quitting our comfort zones, changing our mindsets, thinking about what is truly important for us, why we need to prioritize sustainability, why long-term thinking has only benefits and why we need to step forward and lead the change.

Show Notes

Quitting your comfort zone and changing your perspective

Leo’s work is very much about spreading joy. He really enjoys seeing people having a good time and giving them a sense of perspective.

His passion is to inspire people to get a different angle on how they view themselves, their lives and the world we live in. He enjoys taking people out of their comfort zones and gifting them creative experiences that maybe they haven’t tried before.

For him, it’s really important to get away and change your mindset. He’s always pushing forward and he’s always trying to find new adventures.

Getting unstuck by going on an adventure

Sometimes we all find ourselves a bit stuck in what we do. Many of us constantly follow what society tells us to do. Leo chose to live his life so far by actively designing what is fun for him to do.

Choosing what is fun for him led Leo to build the companies that he has built so far. He’s not interested solelyonlynecessarily in the profit, but in the freedom that comes with the job. He knows what it is that he wants to do.

Leo wants to inspire people to actively think about what is important to them. Usually when people go somewhere else, somewhere new and exciting, they get a new perspective on their life. They are no longer reactive about everything (aka following trends), instead they are actively deciding and designing what it is that they want to achieve.

Sustainability is vital

Five years ago, while travelling in Birmingham, Leo didn’t have his smartphone with him for seven days. This made him realize just how glued and addicted we all are to our smartphones.

If he had all resources available, Leo would like to change the way we think about the future and how we approach sustainability. There are many problems in the world, but the environment is by far the greatest one.

This is the reason why Leo believes that in order to have long-term success, businesses need to have a sustainable approach. Companies that run their business thinking long-term and taking care of the environment do much better than their peers that don’t do any of that.

Consumers want to buy from companies that do positive things for the world.

We need to be long-term thinkers

There are two pieces of advice he would gift his younger self:

  • Don’t do relative goal setting and don’t compare yourself to other people. There will always be someone who’s better than you and you will never feel fulfilled. Enjoy your achievements and be aware of what you’re aiming for.
  • Be proactive but not to 100%. You still need to be spontaneous. If you’re trying to control everything, that’s not a good idea. Don’t be so strict on yourself.

When it comes to leaders, Leo believes that someone needs to start the change. We’ve done enough talking, now it’s time for someone to step forward and lead other people to a positive outcome.

To finish off on a high-scale note, Leo believes that the world needs more long-term thinking. We need to get away from our quarterly reports and short-term reasoning more often, and start figuring out what we want from our lives 10-15 years from now.

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