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Eric Edmeades (extended)
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In This Podcast

  • The intricate set of rules making us unhappy
  • The problem with having too many choices
  • Why big decisions require so much energy
  • Reassessing your past in order to build your future
  • How to deal with low self-esteem
  • The key to public speaking

Eric Edmeades is an author, international business speaker and serial entrepreneur. He works with entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world to inspire and empower them to achieve their full potential. Today Eric talks about the intricate set of rules making us unhappy, the problem with having too many choices, why big decisions drain us, reassessing your past in order to build your future, approaching life without fear, dealing with low self-esteem, the key to public speaking, and nurturing our bodies in order to nurture our brains.

Show Notes

The intricate set of rules making us unhappy

Eric is always very curious about life. One of the questions always haunting him is,

“Why is it that in this unbelievable time of technology, social growth, and freedom, people are so unhappy?”

It both amazes and shocks him at the same time.
We all have an internal set of rules that dictates our behavior, and we all need to feel integrated and accepted into our society. Many rules are making us unhappy, and some of them are not even real.

There was a time when the only rules were to follow our instincts, to follow nature, and to manage the relationship between instincts and nature. Since then we’ve had governmental, religious, educational, and social influences that have created an intricate set of rules to follow, some of which don’t make any sense at all.

Too many choices and too important decisions

The problem with having too many choices is that you can miss out on so much. You can also choose “the wrong thing”. If you have no choice, there’s nothing to miss out on.

Eric often felt tired and drained while making a big decision. If we need to make a big decision, we have to figure out two imaginary paths of where our decision will take us. Then we have to compare these two fictitious futures. It’s difficult and very exhausting.

He strongly believes we shouldn’t make any big life decisions before 30 because we might think we know ourselves, but we don’t.

Reassess your past in order to build your future

For Eric, fear about the future has a direct and proportional relationship to guilt, anger, and resentment about the past. If the road has been bumpy so far, it will probably continue to be so.

When he started reassessing the meanings of the events of his past, he got to a place where he no longer feels anger or resentment. He feels good about his past, and he is grateful.

When someone is struggling with self-esteem, Eric believes that they don’t even know what it’s holding them back from. It’s almost like we have these membranes around us that prevent us from seeing the universe in a certain way. For Eric, his self-esteem issues did not allow him to see all the possibilities he could reach for, but once he started working on them, his career flourished.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking and nurturing our minds

Most business owners succeed through a bad combination of brute force and personal sacrifice. They will work harder than they’re supposed to and will sacrifice their health and their family time. What they should strive to create is an organic entity that is capable of thriving responsibly and sustainably without them.

There are only two types of people that aren’t afraid of speaking: those who practiced speaking a lot and those who just don’t want to do it. One of the most important things someone can do in order to overcome a fear of public speaking is to practice and act strong even if they don’t feel confident.

In Eric’s opinion, any psychotherapy or coaching work is absolutely wasted if you first don’t deal with the nutrition. Our food definitely influences our thoughts and our wellbeing.