Conscious Creativity and Self Love

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Dorota Stanczyk
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In This Podcast

  • The intersection between fine arts and personal growth
  • What is conscious creativity?
  • Accepting and loving yourself for who you are
  • Being more present and daring to let go
  • Reuniting with ourselves and with others

Dorota Stanczyk is an award winning Polish visual artist, creative director, documentary filmmaker, speaker, and writer. Today Dorota talks about the intersection between fine arts and personal growth, what conscious creativity means and how to achieve it, the importance of self love, learning to be present, reuniting with ourselves, and learning how to reunite with others.

Show Notes

The intersection between fine arts and personal growth

Dorota has over ten years of experience in visual art and a great passion for personal growth. Seven years ago, she had a massive shift of consciousness, and she realized it was no longer possible for her to live a life without being aware and without working in the field of awareness, perception, and consciousness.

She wants to start a completely new movement in the art industry that will be “conscious art.” Instead of normal exhibitions, she wants to create exhibitions that can really transform people’s lives. They won’t need to spend thousands to fly to a retreat to have a transformative experience. They can have the same experience going to an art gallery and have the same impact on their life.

Dorota is interested in combining technology and the many different tools available in the art industry to create and bring these experiences to everyone all over the world. That’s her vision for the future.

Conscious creativity

One of her keynotes is about conscious creativity, in which she shows people how to psychologically and emotionally stimulate their own creativity.

It’s important to understand that creativity is nothing more than the capacity to express our own emotions, says Dorota.

“If we can’t express our own emotions, we can’t be creative. It’s linked.”

So through emotional intelligence, through psychological tools, through very specific manipulation of the mind and also stimulation of the flow state, she shows people how they can actually hack their own creativity, and she teaches them to have a different perception, to look at things completely differently.

Accepting and loving yourself for who you are

“What if I will never be anything more than I am here and now? Could I be okay with that?”

It’s two very simple lines, but it’s such an important question to ask ourselves.

It’s not about being finished, we can still have our many ambitions and goals, but it’s really about accepting who you are and what you’ve done so far.

This is a question Dorota uses in her self love workshops. It’s an extremely powerful question because it forces you to accept who you are. The biggest problem or obstacle on our way to actually fully love ourselves is self rejection. Self rejection is not only rejecting the parts of you that you are conscious about, it’s also rejecting the parts of you that you’re not aware of.

“Whatever you think about yourself becomes your reality,” says Dorota.

“The moment we actually open ourselves to think that we might actually not know at all who we are, we open the door to the possibility to actually create from scratch.”

Being more present and daring to let go

Whatever we do in general in our life, if we are not 100% present, we are never actually going to do that thing well. It might be a conversation with another person, or it might be cooking. It applies to every single thing we do.

People in general have started living so much in the future and so much in the past, and avoiding the present moment, that very often we do things automatically without questioning.

If we only try to bring more presence and be more in the now, not only will we feel more happy and fulfilled by whatever we do, but also the productivity, the creativity, the innovation that we are going to bring to every single project is going to be tremendous, and so it’s a mindset.

“It’s like letting go, trusting,” she says. “Completely trusting, sending intention, planting seeds.” A seed knows it will become a tree. When we plant our own seeds, we forget that those seeds know what they are supposed to become, so sometimes we have doubts, but if we just plant seeds, water them, and have trust, it will all grow perfectly fine in the perfect time.  

Reuniting with ourselves and with others

“I think what the world needs the most right now is to reunite.”

says Dorota. In our societies and corporations we’ve been so divided, so separated from each other, that we no longer know what it means and how it feels to be reunited. It starts with reuniting with ourselves and learning how to reunite with others and experience what true connection is.

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